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My Mighty Minis

 I'm not gonna lie, as an artist, I struggle BIG TIME when it comes to pricing my work.I spend hours on each piece, anywhere from 2-12+ hours per each mini piece! The struggle is, if I price it according to the work I put in, people admire it, but keep walking. So for awhile, I only sold prints of my work. That went well, except they were priced so low that I had to sell tons to cover the cost of the frames and fees for the events I was selling at-...oh the hardships of the art world lol. So recently, I had a sit down with my boss (that means I was talking to myself). I decided to only sell my originals but at a lower price point. At the end of the day, the goal is to sell the art. I can charge more, but inevitably sell less (and yes, I know if I sold 1 piece for more, it would be the same as selling a few pieces for less), but to be honest, the rush I get from people collecting my work is like a drug, so I'd rather sell more at a lower price.

      One day (SOON) I am going to make it BIG (and my prices will skyrocket)so take advantage of my poor business skills and buy NOW!


Although what you just read is factual,I hope you were able to read it with the intended sarcasm and humor it was written with.

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