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Jill Keller Pop Art

THAT! Just tiny..

 Hello friends! Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by! I am a Central Florida based artist with a love of all things Pop Culture. I am self taught, and I never stop learning and exploring. I have worked in all different media and have tried lots of styles, but have found that I absolutely love recreating recognizable images,objects,people, (really anything you would recognize immediately from living life) in tiny form.I hope you enjoy looking (and buying!)


Currently my shop offers framed, original artwork. Each piece comes framed in a 4"x4" frame.

These little originals are such a fun way to show little pieces of your personality, bring back great memories, and make AWESOME gifts! 

I love the challenge that my tiny works give me and I’m kind of obsessed with how ADORABLE anything can look when it’s miniature.Look around, SMILE, and feel free to contact me with any comments or questions. Come back often because I am ALWAYS creating ❤️

Commissions Open

If you have something specific in mind, a people portrait, a pet portrait, ANYTHING!, contact me and let's talk.

You can find me on Instagram or you can email me!

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This is what my art sees!

I rely on my magnifying glass to achieve the level of detail I get on my minis. I would NOT be able to do what I do without it!

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FYI ❤️

Welcome! If there is anything at all that you aren’t sure about,please contact me and I will answer any/all questions you may have. All of the artwork posted is a close representation of what you will get, however, each piece is drawn to order with colored pencils and watercolor paint and may differ slightly. Also, all of my work comes framed 4"x 4".If you would like anything that you order with different color variations,just send me a note/email.I do my very best to ship your order within 3-5 days from the order date, but that may vary and I will contact you if it does. I also can't control delivery once it is out of my hands but I do everything I can to set us both up for success.If there is ever an issue, please contact me immediately, I am here to help and I’m passionate about my art, everything I do is meant to be in the best interest of my work and YOU❤️🤓

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